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benevolent dictatorship

A manner of ruling that is or resembles a dictatorship, the authoritarianism of which is ostensibly mitigated or justified by the benefits afforded to the people under its control. He's really popular as a leader, though. I think the people see his government as something of a benevolent dictatorship. Many people in the country actually celebrate the autocrat's rule as a benevolent dictatorship. Sure, their individual freedoms are curtailed, but they never have to worry about food, shelter, or medical care.
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benevolent overlord

A person, group, or government described as generous to those over which it has power and control. Used ironically or sarcastically. Our boss, the benevolent overlord, has given us Christmas Day off from work, even though we still need to come in for the rest of the week! Today, we learned that our right to vote was revoked unless we showed public support for our benevolent overlords.
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