benefit by

benefit by (something)

To gain from a particular experience, change, or occurrence. We will all benefit by moving to a warmer, sunnier climate. You may hate it now, but I guarantee you will benefit by your time as an intern.
See also: benefit, by

benefit by something

 and benefit from something
to profit or gain by something. We hope to benefit by the collapse of our competition. We will all benefit from the new tax laws.
See also: benefit, by
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an employer may not decrease an accrued benefit by amending the plan.
The Third Circuit explained that a plan sponsor could prospectively eliminate an early retirement benefit by amendment, but the amendment could not adversely affect the early retirement benefit of a participant who satisfied the preamendment conditions for the benefit either before or after the amendment.
This employee would benefit by taking fringe benefits on a nontaxable basis during these early years.
Applying the Dillingham guidelines, the district court stated that it had no difficulty ascertaining that - the intended benefits were monthly pensions after retirement; - the beneficiaries were BEC employees; - the source of financing was BEC's general assets; and - the procedures for receiving benefits were written notice by the employee to his supervisor, calculation of the benefit by a company official pursuant to the board's guidelines, approval by Burford and notification of the payroll department.