beneath (one's) dignity

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beneath (one's) dignity

Said of an action that one deems inappropriate and thus would not do. Screaming at someone in public is beneath my dignity, but it sounds like not everyone feels the same way.
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beneath one's dignity

too rude or coarse for a polite person to do. That kind of thing is beneath my dignity, and I hope yours as well. I would have thought something like that to be beneath your dignity.
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beneath your dignity

of too little importance or value for you to do it.
The Latin equivalent is infra dignitatem , and the humorous abbreviation of this, infra dig , is sometimes used in informal contexts.
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beˌneath somebody’s ˈdignity

(often ironic) seeming so unimportant or unpleasant that somebody thinks they are too important to do it: She considers it beneath her dignity to help with the housework now and again.
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References in classic literature ?
I shall ask all sorts of questions which grave lawyers might think it beneath their dignity to put.
El-Hazeq added that neither the teachers nor the students find it beneath their dignity to carry out such chores.
The naysayers may find it silly to focus on toilets finding it beneath their dignity to discuss the fact that we do not have solutions to deal with fecal waste.
These powerful, rodbending fighters were once considered by game anglers to be beneath their dignity. But now there is a growing number hooked on pike fishing, whether it be with lure, fly or dead bait.
Additional reasons Americans assert they would not join the mile high club include the act being beneath their dignity (23%) and having fear of getting caught/in trouble (19%).
Too many film-makers nowadays seem to find it beneath their dignity to resort to these shock tactics and have produced films and documentaries to which 3D adds little.
If party leaders believe that for prestige they need to have a chauffeur and co-driver, because it is beneath their dignity to drive their own car, then their party could pay for them and not the taxpayer.
Unfortunately the police seem to regard it beneath their dignity to remonstrate with dangerous cyclists, let alone fine those who are illegally riding on the pavement.
Many proponents seem to deem it beneath their dignity to engage opponents' arguments, preferring to caricature opponents as political primitives and to dismiss them with flippancies such as this from Bill Gates: ''It's ludicrous to think that multiplication in Alabama and multiplication in New York are really different.'' What is ludicrous is Common Core proponents disdaining concerns related to this fact: Fifty years of increasing Washington inputs into K-12 education has coincided with disappointing cognitive outputs from schools.
UNSURPRISINGLY, Rosalind Kay (Echo Letters Feb 17) used the quirky words "pooch" and "whoopsy" in order to lessen the responsibility dog owners have when they are too lazy or consider it beneath their dignity or macho self to pick up their dog's excrement.
His judgements do not invite argument, are usually negative towards the young, and are occasionally patronizing, as in his appraisal of two of the most popular writers of recent years: 'Many educated Russians assume that it is beneath their dignity to read Marinina, but reading Akunin is different: he is an intellectual' (p.
They could take up the lowpaid jobs that were regarded as being beneath their dignity two years ago.
Let joy be unconfined - even among those surly devotees of the sad game played with a round ball who don't understand rugby and are rather frightened by it, and so like to pretend it's beneath their dignity in a bid to protect their self- esteem.
I notice they haven't volunteered to do the day's work themselves but I cannot decide if emptying 2,000 smelly bins a day is beneath their dignity or beyond their capabilities.
`They would not do any work as they thought it was beneath their dignity.' He and some other students started a scholar self-help project, and after college worked as labourers, loaded trucks and sold ice-cream.