beneath (one's) dignity

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beneath (one's) dignity

Said of an action that one deems inappropriate and thus would not do. Screaming at someone in public is beneath my dignity, but it sounds like not everyone feels the same way.
See also: beneath, dignity

beneath one's dignity

too rude or coarse for a polite person to do. That kind of thing is beneath my dignity, and I hope yours as well. I would have thought something like that to be beneath your dignity.
See also: beneath, dignity

beneath your dignity

of too little importance or value for you to do it.
The Latin equivalent is infra dignitatem , and the humorous abbreviation of this, infra dig , is sometimes used in informal contexts.
See also: beneath, dignity

beˌneath somebody’s ˈdignity

(often ironic) seeming so unimportant or unpleasant that somebody thinks they are too important to do it: She considers it beneath her dignity to help with the housework now and again.
See also: beneath, dignity
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In any case, our profession has been elevated to a certain god-like degree where certain tasks-such as bathing my ailing mother-seem, to a point, beneath our dignity.
To address this surplus of chiefs over Indians, we end up importing hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are prepared to do the things that we consider to be beneath our dignity, but which still need to be done.
To act out of fear of what will be said of us is beneath our dignity and beneath the dignity of the arts.
Yet I do not suggest that we produce an advertising-oriented publication--not because it would be beneath our dignity, but because it would not utilize our capabilities effectively and would divert too much of our energy to the problems of commercial competition.