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beneath (someone or something)

1. In a physically lower position than someone or something. A: "Where are your towels?" B: "They're beneath the bed linens in the closet next to the bathroom." You'll be sleeping in the bunk beneath your brother.
2. Of a lower rank or position than someone or something else. Remember that you are beneath me in the hierarchy of power, Corporal. So you would do well to watch your tone of voice. She couldn't stand being beneath Tom after his promotion. He was just so infuriatingly arrogant about it.
3. Unsuitable to someone's or something's rank, dignity, or moral upbringing. He felt it was beneath someone of his royal lineage to associate with commoners. I knew there had to be someone acting on their own. Such a despicable act is beneath even a greedy company like FlemCo. Don't get drawn into such a petty fight with the likes of him, Tom. It's beneath you.
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*beneath something

under something. (*Typically: be ~; sit ~.) What is that beneath the table? The cat is beneath the piano.

beneath someone

too shameful for a polite person to do. That kind of thing is beneath Fred. I'm appalled that he did it. That sort of foul language is beneath you!
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References in classic literature ?
He had just time to judge his location roughly at some place south-west of Helium, and at a considerable distance from the twin cities, when he was startled by a woman's scream beneath him.
Cautiously he moved in the direction from which it emanated, presently coming upon a huge panther pinned beneath a fallen tree.
Instead I stopped close to the opposite wall beneath an overhanging mass of rock that cast a dense shadow beneath it.
So little Tarzan wriggled out from beneath the struggling mass, clutching his grisly prize close to his breast.
Teeka had come close beneath the tree and was peering upward.
Again and again she could have sworn that she felt some huge, slimy body sweep beneath her in the mysterious waters of this unknown river.
They had simply vanished into thin air, for the native he had sent to inspect the ground beneath the open window had just returned to report that there was no sign of a footstep there, and what sort of creatures were they who could have dropped that distance to the soft turf without leaving spoor?
Gahan felt the impact of a body against the keel, followed by the soft thuds of the great bodies as they struck the ground beneath. His act had not been an instant too soon.
His haversack he rolled as tightly as possible and stuffed beneath his coat over his breast.
At length I found, as it were, a crack in the stone thrice as wide as a man can jump, and in length half a spear's throw, and near this crack stood great stones blackened by fire, and beneath them broken pots and a knife of flint.
Reaching out my arms, I took my boy within them, and if ever there arose from any planet a fervent prayer of gratitude, it was there beneath the crust of dying Mars as I thanked the Eternal Mystery for my son's life.
The healthy, strong-made man, who could have borne almost any fatigue of active exertion, was wasting beneath the close confinement and unhealthy atmosphere of a crowded prison.
We can choose a certain date from among them--the one to draw this date first from beneath a piece of cloth will be the first."
My brain grew dizzy with the idea of the frightful risk I had just run, and I involuntarily closed my eyes to shut out the view of the depth beneath me.
The noise appeared to be coming from beneath the rug.