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Figure 2 demonstrates the location of the Vectrino velocim and its probes in the bend for recording 3D velocities values.
For one- and two-layer circuits, the best option is to keep the copper as close to the neutral bend axis as possible.
All other bar sizes must be preheated to 1,100 F to 1,200 F before bending, and the reheat length of reinforcing bar must be equal to at least five bar diameters in each direction from the center of the bend. Extending the preheating length below the concrete surface is not allowed, nor is allowing the reinforcing bar temperature at the concrete interface to exceed 500 E Any damage to zinc- or epoxy-coated bars must be repaired.
Two-phase flows have been studied in a wide range of bend geometries and configurations.
Both materials bend light at different angles depending on its wavelength, while a real invisibility cloak should bend light equally across the spectrum.
One of the most critical considerations is the mechanical reliability of the fiber under reduced bends. Be wary of any bend-insensitive fiber design that allows for bends that are so tight they threaten the mechanical reliability of the fiber.
The out-of-plane C-H bends of the aromatic ring are intense at 698 and 756 [cm.sup.-1].
Think of each bend as one that opens or closes as you approach.
The highest quality bends were achieved using specimens that had low specific gravity, fast growth, and were free of crossgrain.
Possible structures include the use of four 90[degrees] bends with the input on the +z-axis and the output on a translated +z-axis (or -z-axis) (Figure 1b), the use of four bends of any angle for a general rotation of the input on the +z-axis to any other compound output angle and the use of only two bends of any angle with the input on the +z-axis and the output at any compound angle above the x-y plane (Figure 1c).
"Plus, we can rely on these machines to complete a fixed number of bends per hour, and that means we can bid jobs more accurately.
The machine then bends the sheet at the heated strip.
Some of us have ligaments flexible enough to arch our spines into back bends. But Nomin and Ulzii's stretchy collagen lets their spines bend even farther -- as if they were folded in half.
The idea is to try to do as many useful bends as possible without regripping, repositioning, or changing tools.
While her body weakens and withers and bends, her will strengthens and straightens.