bend (one's) ear

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bend (one's) ear

To talk to someone for a long time, usually causing the listener to become bored or annoyed. Do you guys need any help in the kitchen? Uncle Stu has been bending my ear about the stock market for the past hour!
See also: bend, ear

bend someone's ear

Fig. to talk to someone, perhaps annoyingly. (As if talking so much that the other person's ear is moved back.) Tom is over there, bending Jane's ear about something. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bend your ear for an hour.
See also: bend, ear

bend somebody’s ˈear (about something)

(informal) talk to somebody a lot about something, especially about a problem that you have: Max has been bending my ear all night about his job.
See also: bend, ear

bend (someone's) ear

To talk to at length, usually excessively.
See also: bend, ear
References in classic literature ?
said the minister, bending his ear close to her lips.
The hunter made no reply; but, bending his ear near the water, he sat holding his breath, and listening attentively as if to some distant sound.
SHAY GIVEN last night revealed Celtic coach Alan Thompson is bending his ear about joining the Glasgow giants.
SHAY GIVEN last night revealed Celtic backroom boy Alan Thompson has been bending his ear about joining Neil Lennon's revolution during a coaching course in Ireland.
I have already warned him that I will be giving him earache because I will be bending his ear plenty.
But Salgado is bending his ear and flew to Madrid for a summit with him last week.
And construction tycoon Wallace, an Italian football fanatic, has been bending his ear about theopposition players he'll have breathing down his neck in Bari.
The Welsh pack have been bending his ear about two of his Gloucester team-mates who will appear in the Italian pack tomorrow.
And the centre-half revealed the Baggies supporters had been bending his ear since Wolves set up the Black Country showdown by defeating Oldham in last week's third-round replay.
When he looks in a good mood I'll be bending his ear and when he looks in a bad mood I'm not going to speak to him
People of Vulture's acquaintance have been bending his ear about the nationally famous club scene in the city.
So,not only will the PM be able to cope without Campbell constantly at his side and bending his ear,he will also manage very much better.
With an aide only occasionally bending his ear, Gore testified before a Senate subcommittee about the need to increase the size of the Tennessee Wilderness System, ad-libbed a speech about a Democratic alternative to the Reagan defense buildup, cast his vote on the product liability bill, held a strategy meeting about the upcoming gubernatorial campaign in Tennessee, and questioned Environmental Protection Agency officials about why they no longer test disinfectants before allowing them to be used in hospitals.
This has obviously come about from owner Mike Ashley sitting among the fans - they've clearly been bending his ear.
Waqar Younis was the king of pace and swing in his 1990s pomp and after bending his ear in Dubai, Shahzad has his sights set on doing something similar for England.