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gender bender

1. One who dresses and/or behaves in the manner or style of the opposite sex. Tom works as an accountant during the week, but he has a performance routine as a gender bender on the weekend.
2. One who challenges, denies, or explores the borders or limitations of gender identity, typically through means such as activism, transvestitism, academic discourse, etc., or a combination thereof. Some of the leading academic gender benders are gathering this week for a summit on transgender rights.
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fender bender

A small car accident in which minimal damage is incurred. Michelle was a new driver so she was extremely upset when she had her first accident. Luckily, it was a fender bender and there was no real damage to either car involved.
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fender bender

Fig. a minor car accident. A small fender bender tied up traffic on the expressway for hours!
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1. n. a drinking binge. (see also twister.) Her benders usually last about ten days.
2. n. a heavy drinker; a drunkard. This bender comes up to me and nearly kills me with his breath, asking for a match.
3. n. a girl who copulates without much fuss. (Her legs bend easily. The same as benda.) Maydene is a bender and everybody knows it!
4. n. a release of intestinal gas when someone bends over. I stooped over and let a bender that rocked the room.


1. n. a minor accident. (see also rear-ender.) There are a couple of fender-benders on the expressway this morning, so be careful.
2. n. a reckless driver (who causes minor accidents). I can’t get insurance on my seventeen-year-old, who is a hopeless fender-bender.


1. n. a device that changes electrical plugs or sockets to the opposite gender—male to female, female to male. You need what’s called a gender-bender to match those plugs.
2. mod. having to do with something that obscures male/female distinctions. Those gender-bender hairstyles can be confusing.


and mind-blower
n. a hallucinogenic drug, typically LSD. (Drugs.) That mind-bender takes a long time to wear off. This stuff is a real mind-blower.
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Stephen King writes such brilliant inner monologues," Bender said.
Bender added that during that time she "never did output deals.
Bender signed with the Baltimore Terrapins of the Federal League for the 1915 season, and he ended his active major league career by pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1916-17.
Bender joins ING from BB VA Compass, where he was Senior Vice President and Market Manager.
Strootman's transfer fee has been put in excess of PS75million, and with Bender costing upwards of PS12m there are obvious benefits.
Having a written record, Bender says, comes in handy, since someone's wishes at 70 will evolve over time, and the record can be a place to restart the discussion of a topic.
That was until the quick-thinking kitman rushed next door to the club's official shop, and purchased a replica Bender top for the player to use in the 3-1 win.
The CAIR Philadelphia branch announced the appointment of Bender as its executive director last Tuesday.
Este sistema es inedito y propio del B-II y se fundamenta en el trabajo original de Bender (1938) con respecto a la inspeccion holistica de los disenos.
Barbara Keogh and Carol Smith (1961) developed a global scoring system for their research on children's academic achievement, and Katrina deHirsch, Jannette Jansky, and William Langford (1966) modified the Bender for their work on children's achievement by eliminating three of the more difficult designs.
In music videos directed by Robert Longo and edited by Bender, including one for New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" (1986), we see pixelated color glitches created by Bender and live-action animations of Longo's drawings embellished with split-screen effects.
F Bender managing director Andy Cunliffe said: "We have been working with Flo, Nupik and Dopla for a number of years and are very comfortable with their strategy and business values; additionally we have received real commitments to support the continued growth and development of the business.
Their children and their spouses are Scott and Peggylee Bender of Chinle, Ariz.
TRANMERE Rovers boss Les Parry gave his full backing to the decision to abandon last night's match at Accrington Stanley after home player Tom Bender sustained a serious injury.