bend (one's) ear

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bend (one's) ear

To talk to someone for a long time, usually causing the listener to become bored or annoyed. Do you guys need any help in the kitchen? Uncle Stu has been bending my ear about the stock market for the past hour!
See also: bend, ear

bend someone's ear

Fig. to talk to someone, perhaps annoyingly. (As if talking so much that the other person's ear is moved back.) Tom is over there, bending Jane's ear about something. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bend your ear for an hour.
See also: bend, ear

bend somebody’s ˈear (about something)

(informal) talk to somebody a lot about something, especially about a problem that you have: Max has been bending my ear all night about his job.
See also: bend, ear

bend (someone's) ear

To talk to at length, usually excessively.
See also: bend, ear
References in periodicals archive ?
To try and ease these fears we (discreetly) contacted several estate agents to bend their ears about the possibility of all these apartments going at these prices.
Fergie has friends in high places and we need people like him to bend their ears to prevent the time-bomb of inactivity and obesity exploding in today's younger generation The working class hero has not forgotten his roots or respons- ibilities.
The veteran club boss launched his own impromptu taxi service at a Welsh FA function, offering two members of the committee a lift home on the condition that he could bend their ears about what he'd do if appointed.