bend over backwards

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bend over backward(s)

cliché To exert a lot of effort towards some end. This phrase is often used to express frustration when one's efforts go unrecognized. I have been bending over backwards to make sure that you have a wonderful visit, and you don't even care! The entire staff always has to bend over backward whenever the CEO comes to visit our office.
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bend over backwards (to do something) (for someone)

Fig. to work very hard to accomplish something for someone; to go out of one's way (to do something) (for someone). He will bend over backwards to help you. I bent over backwards for you, and you showed no thanks!
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bend over backwards

(to do something) Go to fall over backwards (to do something).
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bend over backwards

Also, lean over backwards. Exert oneself to the fullest extent, as in Dad bent over backwards so as not to embarrass Stasia's new boyfriend. This phrase transfers the gymnastic feat of a backbend to taking a great deal of trouble for someone or something. [c. 1920] Also see under fall all over.
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bend over backwards


bend over backward

COMMON If you bend over backwards or bend over backward, you try very hard to help or please someone, even though it causes you trouble. We bent over backwards to make them feel welcome and they didn't thank us once. Note: You can also say that someone leans over backwards or leans over backward. You've done your duty — you've leaned over backwards. She has nothing to complain about.
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"As far as I'm concerned, it's the first time in America that we've had a Superior Court judge bend over backwards to see if an elephant is happy," said Gretchen Wyler, vice president of the US Humane Society's Hollywood office.
The irony is that we, as a nation, bend over backwards to ensure our children are aware of other religions' holy days, yet whenever we have occasion to celebrate, we are the ones in the dock.
In reality, the courts bend over backwards to accommodate the Crown and its mistakes, and it is virtually impossible to get off on a technicality.
Madonna, 45, proved she is willing to bend over backwards for her fans, who clapped and screamed as she came up through the floor on a moving stage to sing Vogue.
It is therefore daft for health workers in the region to complain about binge drinking when decision-makers bend over backwards to encourage visitors to sample this so-called atmosphere.
"And yet when she climbed up to the Blarney Stone she was too nervous to bend over backwards to kiss it and eventually decided not to risk it."
GEORGE W Bush will clearly bend over backwards to win votes and follow his ex-president father into the White House.
In the real world lame excuses are unacceptable and people don't bend over backwards to accommodate personal problems.