bend out of shape

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bent out of shape

1. Of a person, upset or angry. Don't get all bent out of shape—I'm sure she didn't mean to insult you. You should apologize to Phil before he gets bent out of shape.
2. Of an object, misshapen or misaligned. Ever since the car accident, my passenger-side door has been bent out of shape.
See also: bent, of, out, shape

bend someone out of shape

Fig. to make someone angry. The cheating that was going on really bent Joe out of shape. Why do you let yourself get bent out of shape? Chill, man, chill.
See also: bend, of, out, shape

bend something out of shape

to distort something by twisting or bending. Jill bent the spring out of shape. I bent the coat hanger out of shape by hanging my leather jacket on it.
See also: bend, of, out, shape

bend out of shape

To annoy or anger.
See also: bend, of, out, shape