bend (one's) ear

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bend (one's) ear

To talk to someone for a long time, usually causing the listener to become bored or annoyed. Do you guys need any help in the kitchen? Uncle Stu has been bending my ear about the stock market for the past hour!
See also: bend, ear

bend someone's ear

Fig. to talk to someone, perhaps annoyingly. (As if talking so much that the other person's ear is moved back.) Tom is over there, bending Jane's ear about something. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bend your ear for an hour.
See also: bend, ear

bend somebody’s ˈear (about something)

(informal) talk to somebody a lot about something, especially about a problem that you have: Max has been bending my ear all night about his job.
See also: bend, ear

bend (someone's) ear

To talk to at length, usually excessively.
See also: bend, ear
References in periodicals archive ?
David Beckham to look at, Quincy Jones to bend his ear about music, and Gordon Ramsay to tell me some cooking tricks and what it's like to run a restaurant, now that Riad and I are opening our own.
MONTY PANESAR will be making a beeline for Shane Warne at the end of the Sydney Test to bend his ear over the art of spin bowling.
We'll also happily bend his ear about the players at his disposal and what he should be doing about it.
They bend his ear about family custody lawsuits, baffling behavior issues and more.
Alternatively, what's the point in having a brother as Taoiseach if you can't bend his ear in persuading the US President to drop in on your patch, may be what Louth TD, Minister Dermot Ahern is saying.
And that's something Wallace expects Smith to bend his ear about on Saturday
Emulate his technique, bend his ear for lures that bite best and use the tips to beat him at his own game.
In the meantime, everyone is looking forward to him coming to the set - we'll bend his ear about it then.
They keep trying to bend his ear - it's very important to them,'' Bultema said.