bend elbow

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bend (one's/the) elbow

To drink alcohol, perhaps excessively. Come bend your elbow at the bar with us tonight! If you're this hung-over, you must have really bent the elbow at the party last night.
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bend one's elbow

 and bend the elbow; lift one's elbow
to take a drink of an alcoholic beverage; to drink alcohol to excess. He's down at the tavern, bending his elbow. Paul gets lots of exercise. I saw him bend his elbow thirty times at a bar yesterday.
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bend (one's) elbow

To drink alcoholic beverages.
See also: bend, elbow
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Keeping the back fairly straight, slowly bend elbows behind you about 5 or 6 inches and then straighten.
Bend elbows, keeping them close to body bringing weights toward shoulders, push up over head until arms straight again.
Exhale, bend elbows out to the side taking the face towards the floor.
Hold two big books at arms' length, bend elbows, bringing books to chest.
I pipe line such as bend Elbows Tees Class light medium And Heavy including testing of joints cost of pipes specials confirming to IS 1239/4000 part-I and II and etc Work with Labour And Material.
Extend legs and bend elbows with your hands stacked, one on top of the other, under your chin.