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The on/off switch is on the base so you have to bend down to reach it.
Then bend down to touch your toes while he uses his tongue to tantalise you.
Another example would be to bend down the seventh finger, giving six tens and three units, so 7 x 9 = 63 Why does this work for the nine times table?Anita, Newcastle
While I bend down and assume the position again, up steps Graham Cameron of Edinburgh as this week's contestant.
It is possible the result will be nothing more than another new slogan, since the phrase "stay the course" has already been replaced with the amorphous adjective "flexible." And though George Bush has yet to demonstrate he possesses the flexibility to bend down and undo the Velcro fasteners on his shoes, he has bet a large amount of his political capital on trying to sell us on his transmogrification into a limber fourteen-year-old female Olympic gymnast.
Doggy Steps are also good for dog owners who don't want to bend down and lift their dogs.
(You want your initial strand length to be about one and one half the size of your desired diameter.) With your other hand, bend down the opposite end of the vine to form a circle that is slightly smaller than the desired diameter of your finished wreath.
Bend down the left leg until your hands reach your knee, shin or foot.
To check an object's weight before you bend down, tap the box with your foot.
Similarly, when you're bending down to pick up something heavy such as washing powder or tins of baked beans, you'll help protect your back if you squat, rather than bend down to pick it up.
Bend down from the hips so the upper body is parallel to the floor.
When you're trying jeans on, do the comfort test: can you bend down, bend your knees, sit down, raise your knees, and do the button up comfortably?
Paragon designed the kiln especially for people who do not want to bend down to load a kiln.
As one lady put it, "We must look up to the Church and not bend down to social comfortableness which is so prevalent today."