bend before

bend before (something)

To be pushed by something, usually the wind. As soon as I hung the sheets on the clothesline, they bent before the wind.
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bend before something

to bend under the pressure of moving air. The trees bent before the wind. Our roses bent gracefully before the breeze.
See also: before, bend
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Clearly was never going to make much impression, but gave it his best shot until the penultimate bend before tiring on the run for home and having to settle for third.
traveled to Gee's Bend before his march to Selma and spoke to the townspeople; some of the residents even joined him in the march.
Tracked cleverly in moving outside along the back and claimed a qualifying position at the third bend before staying on well late to nick second behind Taylors Cruise on the line.
LEGAL REBEL Away to a far better start than in round one, but lost ground going into the bend before seizing the opportunity to dive inside from trap six and into second at the quarter-point.
Broke fast from two, steered a middle course to the bend before nipping back inside and quickly going well clear.