belt down (something or someone)

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belt down (something or someone)

1. To anchor or fasten something or someone in place. You need to belt down the shed in the back yard before the big storm. Can you please belt down the baby in her highchair?
2. To drink something, often an alcoholic beverage, quickly. He belted down a drink and ordered another before we'd gotten three steps away from the bar.
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belt someone or something down

to secure someone or something with a belt or strap. Please belt the child's seat down and put the child in it. Did you belt down the kids?
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belt down

Swallow very quickly, as in After the race, he belted down a whole quart of water. This phrase is frequently used for guzzling whiskey or some other liquor. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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Comedian Eddie Izzard, who was was among the passengers caught up in the disruption, posted on Twitter: "Luggage belts down at Heathrow Terminal 5.
"He brought his belts down, met the kids, had a good chat with them and it all went well," said Thornhill.
Pleased at first the sunny weather allowed him to complete This back-breaking task, he now starts to moan about the heat The prayers he says quietly under his breath Are two days later answered As from black clouds overhead thunder is heard At first slowly drops of rain hit the ground The noise building to a crescendo on top of the shed All day long the rain belts down And as you might guess Jim is not a happy man Bemoaning the fact his plants now need the sun And the time it will take to get rid of the weeds The allotments so wet nearly washing away the seeds.
"When we're half way across, it suddenly belts down, sheets of rain, and I'm thinking 'my cameras!' "By the time we get to the end, it's beautiful sunshine again.
That's what we'll have if we can get that first league win under our belts down at Cheltenham tomorrow, and that's obviously our aim.
Once packed into cases or trays, the products are transported along the powered roller conveyors via conveyor belts down to ground floor level.
As night falls and the rain belts down, Jim swerves to avoid a stranded motorist standing in the middle of the highway.
Meanwhile, NYPD officers working along the conveyor belts kept telling me to slow the belts down so they could properly sift through the debris.
And yes, there's even a teenager (Jon Foster) rescuing a Russian mail-order bride, almost "Risky Business" style, complete with a wild party at which she belts down Vodka like a pro.
Damien Anderson, 12, took up the ancient Japanese martial art only 18 months ago and is already a blue belt which is only two belts down from black.
Trim of figure, solemn of face, with modern rifles in their hands and the ancient Nepalese dagger known as the kukri hanging from their belts down their backs, they snapped to attention remembering Gareth as their leader, their trainer and their friend.