belt down (something or someone)

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belt down (something or someone)

1. To anchor or fasten something or someone in place. You need to belt down the shed in the back yard before the big storm. Can you please belt down the baby in her highchair?
2. To drink something, often an alcoholic beverage, quickly. He belted down a drink and ordered another before we'd gotten three steps away from the bar.
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belt someone or something down

to secure someone or something with a belt or strap. Please belt the child's seat down and put the child in it. Did you belt down the kids?
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belt down

Swallow very quickly, as in After the race, he belted down a whole quart of water. This phrase is frequently used for guzzling whiskey or some other liquor. [Slang; mid-1800s]
See also: belt, down
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When we beat Ukraine in Lyon, his handling was terrific even when it was pouring with rain and hailstones were belting down.
It's so grim that even the marmosets look a bit miserable as they cower from the rain belting down from a charcoal sky.
1 overs when the rain came belting down, and with no further play possible, they were declared victors by 17 runs according to the D/ L method in the Group B match on Saturday.
I could be belting down the M1 at 5am on Boxing Day to get to Kempton Park for our flagship event, the King George VI Chase, flying to Ireland to cover a big meeting such as the Irish Derby, chaperoning company directors at a sponsored event, or visiting Kauto Star at a media stable visit.
With the sun belting down, most headed straight for the beer garden of a bar masterfully placed within walking distance of the airport exit.
Clarke, lucky to be out in the calmer conditions on day two, also made the most of favourable weather yesterday, the later starters avoiding much of the torrential rain belting down on the Kent coast.
Though we may both be belting down the motorway we (the music and I) are, in a devilishly Einsteinian way, relative to each other.
We used to train on the Astroturf at Leckwith when I was young, even when it was belting down with rain," said Matthews as he looked around a new indoor arena.
We used to train on the AstroTurf at Leckwith when I was young, even when it was belting down with rain," said Matthews as he looked around the facilities at a new indoor arena which is open for use by the whole community in and around Cardiff.
With the rain belting down for the final 40, it was Newcastle who continued the momentum just after the break - Gopperth adding a fourth penalty as Luke Fielden chased Jeremy Manning's up-andunder TRUSTY AND RELIABLE Newcastle Falcons were grateful to the right boot of Jimmy Gopperth as they picked up only their second Aviva Premiership win of the season at home to Gloucester yesterday, to go seven points clear of Leeds to force offside from a Gloucester fumble.
Rains started belting down across the arid valley around 3 p.
With rain belting down, referee Durno called a halt to give it a chance to ease, but as time passed the patient crowd were expecting a call-off decision.
But the Cayenne does have a USP - it offers specs that are more about belting down motorways than the others (like the Turbo for example).