belt down

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belt down (something or someone)

1. To anchor or fasten something or someone in place. You need to belt down the shed in the back yard before the big storm. Can you please belt down the baby in her highchair?
2. To drink something, often an alcoholic beverage, quickly. He belted down a drink and ordered another before we'd gotten three steps away from the bar.
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belt someone or something down

to secure someone or something with a belt or strap. Please belt the child's seat down and put the child in it. Did you belt down the kids?
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belt down

Swallow very quickly, as in After the race, he belted down a whole quart of water. This phrase is frequently used for guzzling whiskey or some other liquor. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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It's not your usual curry place either, instead choosing to dish up food that's a bit more delicate than anything you'll get on the Balti belt down Stratford Road.
Classy Namibian Harry Simon bids for the the WBO belt down at middleweight, taking on Swedish holder Armand Krajnc in Copenhagen - ironically, the city where Calzaghe last saw action - and has already let it be known that he plans to move up a division in search of further glory.
Of course, given the wealth of talent available to Wallsend through their relentless conveyor belt down the years, it is little wonder the 'unknown' Englanders have performed so well.
As the rain began to belt down, Heskey was left wishing the ground would swallow him up as he missed an open goal from four yards out on 65 minutes.
"If you get a bang up there (raises his hand above his head), no one says anything but if you get a belt down there Tommy Walsh is hammered for it and it is brought up on television.
She said: "The cars really belt down here and one day a kid is going to get knocked over.
Whether you are at school, work,on holiday or whatever, you simply dress normally from the waist up but then go wild from your belt down, wearing the wackiest pants you can think of.
Belt down the autoroutes and overnight in the wonderful old-fashioned, family-run hotels which abound in many of the wee towns just off the toll roads.
Emmet revealed: "The rain started to belt down in the way only Irish rain can with mercilessness, bar brief respites that cruelly built up my hopes every once in a while.
But prepare to belt down to your supermarket for any out-of-the-way ingredients she may use - she had shoppers clearing the shelves of cranberries a couple of years back.
The 21-year-old from Garston, himself a former Solly club fighter, took his belt down to the city club to the delight of its junior members.
Then it was a belt down the autoroutes to the Dordogne and our campsite - La Bouquerie - just outside quaint, historic Sarlat.
Both have their sights set on a world title belt down the line and while Sutherland has already won his first pro fight - demolishing Bulgarian Georgi Iliev in DCU in December - DeGale has been putting his backroom team together.
We are mounting the petition because we are concerned for public safety and any outlet that lets the Balti Belt down lets us all down.
You get Colin McRae's co-driver Nicky Grist shouting directions as you belt down the track, and if you don't want to write off your car on the first bend, you'd better listen.