below (someone or something)

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below (someone or something)

1. In a physically lower position than someone or something. A: "Where are your towels?" B: "They're below the bed linens in the closet next to the bathroom." You'll be sleeping in the bunk below your brother.
2. Of a lower rank or position than someone or something else. Remember that you are below me in the hierarchy of power, Corporal. So you would do well to watch your tone of voice. She couldn't stand being below Tom after his promotion. He was just so infuriatingly arrogant about it.
3. Unsuitable to someone's or something's rank, dignity, or moral upbringing. He felt it was below someone of his royal lineage to associate with commoners. I knew there had to be someone acting on their own. Such a despicable act is below even a greedy company like FlemCo. Don't get drawn into such a petty fight with the likes of him, Tom. It's below you.
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*below someone or something

positioned under or lower than someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; lie ~; sink ~; sit ~.) The sun is below the horizon. The swimming hole is below the dam.

below someone

ranking below someone. I am below Terri, but my scores are better than Carol's. I am below everyone in the class.
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