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At this, above the salt, sat the visiting nobles and the grown members of their families, of both sexes, -- the resident Court, in effect -- sixty-one per- sons; below the salt sat minor officers of the house- hold, with their principal subordinates: altogether a hundred and eighteen persons sitting, and about as many liveried servants standing behind their chairs, or serving in one capacity or another.
Then up spake the Prior and called upon one of the brethren that sat below the salt, and bade him look out of the window and see who was below, albeit he knew right well it could be none but Sir Richard.
These new Revolution Dual Coil Shooting full-azimuth surveys will record offsets of more than 14 km for imaging below the salt in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.
The poor pudding is thus relegated from among prestigious ready-to-eat sausage rolls, pork pies, roast ham and pastrami to sit below the salt with the humble liver and kidneys.
In addition, the company said Lafitte is its third ultra-deep prospect to encounter Miocene age sands below the salt weld on the GOM Shelf and it holds a 72.
They met when Stovepipe was in the Inkwell Rhythm Makers and Alex was in Below the Salt, a news release says.
It is, rather, this: if Formula One - a sport that has long been under the stewardship of a man who enjoys Germanic-themed spanking sessions with prostitutes, and another who admires the knack dictators have for getting things done - think that Briatore is below the salt, how does football still stomach him?
Petrobras' new reserve estimate came after a year of speculation that a second province the size of Brazil's Campos Basin could lie below the salt layer.
Figure 2c corresponds to a ADCIG below the sedimentary section (CMP 3040 m in Figure 1) and Figure 2d to a ADCIG below the salt body (CMP position 12000 m in Figure 1).
speed record, the team went to Tunisia in June to attempt the world record, but late rains delayed the hardening of the mud below the salt crust, rendering the track unfit for competition.
For some people, this notion of dinner at dinner time marks you out as either a social deviant, a character from below the salt or someone who wears their roots on their sleeve.
She never seemed to understand that life is what you make it, whether you are a King's daughter or sit below the salt.
It doesn't make life any easier that he regards all-weather surfaces as being very much below the salt and won't have anything to do with the stuff.
Our guide had introduced us to the Salt at the Mule Hoof Bend put-in just below the Salt River Canyon Trading Post on U.
Raimond, she published Below the Salt (1896), The Open Question (1898), and The Magnetic North (1904).