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Much of the rest of his two-hour show was simply below the belt topically, dealing with sexual proclivities, perversions and practices.
Felix `Tito' Trinidad won't be mistaken for a maniacal munchkin who nibbles on opponent's ears, or a Polish rifle who aims crudely below the belt.
At one point she tried to win an argument by calling Lily Allen's young children 'ugly' - and while I'm no fan of Lily Allen, that feels a little below the belt.
He said: "I think I've shown before that I've got the passion needed to play for my country, so I think that comment was a bit below the belt.
A THOSE who tint below the belt do so at their own risk
The Beavers were flagged 18 times in their rout of Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl last season and defensive tackle Eric Manning was kicked out of a game for punching a Washington player below the belt.
Given recent events at Glasgow Airport, the scene with Navid and the petrol canister was just a tad below the belt.
READERS, I promise you I tried my best to watch Five's Cosmetic Surgery: Below the Belt.
It was a low blow, below the belt, when you can't respond to something someone says,'' Granicy said outside court.
Kellie Maloney standing nearby, winced at some of Jordan's jibes, clearly believing they were below the belt, though not as much as she'll wince at what happens below-the-belt in the next few weeks.
I USUALLY enjoy reading Lucy Sweet's column, but Monday's snippet on Coleen McLoughlin's bald patch was below the belt.
The end came suddenly in the fourth round after Mirovic had slumped to his knees after being hit below the belt and made the most of the incident.
Bad no call: Holyfield was right when he suggested referee Joe Cortez should've taken a point away from Ruiz, who retaliated with a low blow after Holyfield hit him below the belt in the 10th round.
Your older woman just wanted to hurt you and she knew exactly how to do it - by hitting you well below the belt.