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UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS (1971-75): The original bit of posh had a place in the heart of millions as it followed the dramas and tragedies above and below stairs at 165 Eaton Place.
Below stairs, the royal servants clash with the Coburg princes' haughty valet Lohlein and a girl called Eliza turns up at the palace asking Skerrett for money.
Below stairs, Carson faces some personal challenges, which prove that even he is not invulnerable to change.
Mistreating people as if they were tenants in tied cottages on the estates of a country aristocracy is imposing the worst of Downton Abbey's required servility below stairs without the benevolence upstairs of Lord Grantham.
While Violet is on the warpath thanks to news about the running of Downton Hospital, those below stairs discover social changes are endangering their futures.
She has performed in various musical theatre productions including Oklahoma and Below Stairs.
Below stairs, meanwhile, Thomas is back at Downton but is suffering from a mystery illness.
Downton Abbey SUNDAY, STV, 9PM Returning to Downton in 1924, a new Labour government heralds changes being felt throughout the land, as well as above and below stairs.
Labour is in power at the time, and according to official synopsis, it "heralds changes that are being felt throughout the land, as well as above and below stairs.
As Burnley took this top-of-the-table game against QPR by the scruff of the neck, Bertie tweeted a picture of himself in the police holding cell below stairs, looking pretty much down in the dumps about what had happened.
Nut| IN Downton, Anna's rape was the most authentic scene this soft-soaping of life below stairs has managed.
com/merryhill) Pictures: Adam Fradgley, Exposure Photography Location: Cellarz - the below stairs venue at Spring Grove House, situated in the grounds of West Midland Safari Park (www.
your other life, a wet red life, is going on below stairs.
She also provides background about Powell, whose memoir Below Stairs describes her years as a servant.
We take a tour of the sets at Ealing Studios where the below stairs scenes are filmed, before travelling to Highclere Castle in Berkshire which doubles as the Abbey.