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belong to (someone or something)

1. To be a member of something, such as a team or club. My daughter belongs to the debate team at school. I belong to the gym on Main Street if you ever want to come work out with me.
2. To be one's possession. No, that coat belongs to Rachel—mine has a hood. Who do these headphones belong to?
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belong under (something)

To be properly categorized under a certain status, heading, or title. When you files these documents, they belong under "July 2008." What heading does that paragraph belong under? That department always belonged under the CFO, they're just making it official now.
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to the victor belong the spoils

The winner is entitled to all of the rewards, bonuses, or benefits of success. (A variation of "to the victor go the spoils.") John won the betting pool, so he gets the whole pot of money from those who paid in. To the victor belong the spoils! A lot of other contestants on the singing competition are well worthy of signing a record deal, but to the victor belong the spoils.
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belong to someone or something

to be owned by someone or something. This one belongs to me. This desk belongs to the company. You can't take it home!
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belong under something

to be classified under some general category. This one belongs under the other category. This file belongs under A.
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To the victors belong the spoils.

Prov. The winners achieve power over people and property. The mayor took office and immediately fired many workers and hired new ones. Everyone said, "To the victors belong the spoils."
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to the victor belong the spoils

The winner gets everything, as in He not only won the tournament but ended up with numerous lucrative endorsements-to the victor belong the spoils . This expression alludes to the spoils system of American politics, whereby the winner of an election gives desirable jobs to party supporters. [First half of 1800s]
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Belonging is a complex and philosophical concept with deep emotional and historical connections, and diverse interpretations.
Regardless of the our engagements with virtual or authentic relationships, all stakeholders in education--students, teachers, administrators, parents, and others--will continue to experience the need for belonging with each other and with the physical space and place of the school itself.
18) Woodworkers in community programs valued the sense of belonging they received from mentoring and working with others, which overshadowed the physical artifacts of their participation.
These two needs are equal in strength but can sometimes work in opposite directions especially when belonging to 'the tribe' conflicts with what we really believe in and stifles who we want to be.
Based on participant input, belonging is associated with good outcomes, such as relationship building, self-growth, helping others, collaborating, being cared for and having fun.
Participants (N = 100,009) were asked a question regarding their sense of belonging (e.
The title's "hyphenated Christians" intends loosely "dual religious belonging in some shape or form" (1), but throughout, G.
As a country of immigrants, we in America have sense of belonging that is scattered.
Pleaded guilty to stealing four shirts valued at PS290 belonging to Debenhams on February 6 and refusing a drugs test at a police station.
We investigated whether migrant children have a greater sense of belonging to their birthplace (the countryside) or to the place in which they currently live (the city).
The main argument of the book can be summarized as follows: In the context of neoliberal globalization, multiple political projects of belonging have emerged as alternatives to hegemonic forms of citizenship and nationalism.
KIRKUK / Aswat al-Iraq - A joint force, belonging to northern Iraq Kirkuk city's Police Directorate, has arrested three wanted men, including an expert in production improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and sticking explosive charges, according to a Kirkuk Police Director on Saturday.
Summary: TRIPOLI: A vehicle belonging to the Union of Dinnieh Municipalities was damaged and items were stolen Thursday.
GENEVA: The Swiss government says Egypt has asked for assistance in locating assets belonging to members of the regime led by ousted President Hosni Mubarak.
he asserts that Pieris's personal history and work make the whole discussion of multireligious belonging redundant--leaving the other proponents without a cause.