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belong to (someone or something)

1. To be a member of something, such as a team or club. My daughter belongs to the debate team at school. I belong to the gym on Main Street if you ever want to come work out with me.
2. To be one's possession. No, that coat belongs to Rachel—mine has a hood. Who do these headphones belong to?
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belong under (something)

To be properly categorized under a certain status, heading, or title. When you files these documents, they belong under "July 2008." What heading does that paragraph belong under? That department always belonged under the CFO, they're just making it official now.
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to the victor belong the spoils

The winner is entitled to all of the rewards, bonuses, or benefits of success. (A variation of "to the victor go the spoils.") John won the betting pool, so he gets the whole pot of money from those who paid in. To the victor belong the spoils! A lot of other contestants on the singing competition are well worthy of signing a record deal, but to the victor belong the spoils.
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belong to someone or something

to be owned by someone or something. This one belongs to me. This desk belongs to the company. You can't take it home!
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belong under something

to be classified under some general category. This one belongs under the other category. This file belongs under A.
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To the victors belong the spoils.

Prov. The winners achieve power over people and property. The mayor took office and immediately fired many workers and hired new ones. Everyone said, "To the victors belong the spoils."
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to the victor belong the spoils

The winner gets everything, as in He not only won the tournament but ended up with numerous lucrative endorsements-to the victor belong the spoils . This expression alludes to the spoils system of American politics, whereby the winner of an election gives desirable jobs to party supporters. [First half of 1800s]
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to the victor belong the spoils

Winner gets all. The Roman historians frequently mentioned spolia optima—very best spoils—which actually referred to the personal spoils of the enemy’s general when slain by the opposing commander. The current cliché became popular long after that and was frequently used in connection with the spoils system in American politics (whereby the winning party gives desirable posts to its supporters) by Senators William Marcy (1832), Huey Long (1934), and others. Justice William J. Brennan used it in writing the 1990 U.S. Supreme Court decision against political patronage: “To the victor belong only those spoils that may be constitutionally obtained” (Rutan v. Republican Party of Illinois, 88-1872).
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When asked about the Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill, which provides 10 per cent reservation in education and government jobs to economically-weaker sections of general category, Paswan said, "All the Prime Ministers from Congress party, barring Manmohan Singh as I don't know what caste he belongs to, belonged to upper castes.
But there was also a slight drop in the proportion of workers who belonged to defined contribution schemes, at 6 per cent, down from 9 per cent.
The 3 pairs of isolates belonged to different genetic lineages according to the multilocus sequence typing typing.
The offenders got in through a side door and stole the jewellery, including a locket and two rings and other personal items which belonged to their daughter, who died in 1979 aged 11.
7/13/02, p.19) and Oworin, resemble those of Ardipithecus and probably belonged to members of that genus.
The Tenth Circuit reversed the Tax Court's decision in Duke Energy and held that natural gas-gathering systems held by transportation entities belonged in asset class 13.2 and required seven-year depreciation.
If the Tax Court is correct that the client relationships belonged to the individual accountants in Norwalk, how does any employment or noncompete agreement serve to transfer ownership from an individual to a corporation?
Police said they believed the bones belonged to an adult but could not rule out the possibility a child's were there too.
I had once belonged to a Labor Zionist Youth Movement, but I did not utterly abjure the right--at least not then.
It belonged to a Carcharodontosaurus saharicus ("shark-toothed reptile from the Sahara Desert").
People who know me would find it hard to believe that I once belonged to the Teamster's Union.
The bank accounts belonged to different organisations belonging to the Omni group namely Ansari Sugar Mills, Chamber Sugar Mill, Tando Allah Yar Sugar Mills, Sajawal Engro Farms, Pak Ethanol, Omni Polymer Packages, Omni Private Limited, Khoski Sugar Mills, Larr Sugar Mills, Omni Association, Dawood Energy, Shikarpur Power and Omni Welfare Foundation.
Fifteen of the dead belonged to Zara village, where touching scenes were witness at the arrival of the bodies.
He further said that the commandoes, who forced their way into the besieged buildings, did not bother about which state they belonged to.
Police sources said that the peoples belonged to tribal areas and had fled from Swat after operation and were staying in Karachi.