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belong to (someone or something)

1. To be a member of something, such as a team or club. My daughter belongs to the debate team at school. I belong to the gym on Main Street if you ever want to come work out with me.
2. To be one's possession. No, that coat belongs to Rachel—mine has a hood. Who do these headphones belong to?
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belong to someone or something

to be owned by someone or something. This one belongs to me. This desk belongs to the company. You can't take it home!
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Studies support this: people create in order to belong to creative communities, and their experience of belonging motivates them to create.
Ken Shepherd, "MSNBC's Harris-Perry: America's 'Kids Belong to Their Communities,'" NewsBusters, April 04, 2013, http://newsbusters.
Identity is essential to belonging since we will not know what we belong to if there are no boundaries.
And not everyone is good-willed: "If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you do not belong to the world, .
Johnson: "One of the most important things the black artist has to learn early on is how to belong to black people.
I think they belong to a professional who is around 27-years-old and works in an office.
Franciscan devotional genres belong to a very old medieval didactic tradition.
Our only certitudes are those that belong to the whirl of the world and the flux of time.
A variety of assays indicate that these strains belong to the enteropathogenic, not the enterohemorrhagic, pathotype.
They did not belong to him, but he was to care for them as if they did.
Whenever I'm speaking, in schools, I always say to the students, "The future will not belong to those who are content with the present.
The time has come to establish the principle that children belong to the Republic before they belong to their parents.
Most executives are too accustomed to being singled out and set apart to dwell on what it means to belong to an exclusionary establishment in today's climate of public countability.
Although some say "Clients or customers belong to the employer and not the employee, and the employer shall be the sole arbiter of work assignments and work quality," such provisions may not be binding in some states.
Upon Thomas's founding of the agency les ready-made appartiennent a tout le monde (ready-mades belong to everyone) in 1987, the Cable Gallery in New York was converted into a studio or warehouse; this occurred as well in the final stretch of the MACBA exhibition, so that some visitors did not dare pass through this area, assuming it to be a storeroom or perhaps some equipment for the installation of a show.