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have a bellyful (of something)

1. To have as much (food) as one wants or is able to eat. A: "Would you like seconds?" B: "No, thank you, I've had a bellyful."
2. To have more (of something) than one can or is willing to tolerate or endure. You're looking for trouble, huh? Well mister, you're about to have a bellyful! I've had a bellyful of my parents' criticism over my college applications.
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have a bellyful

Inf. to have as much as one can stand. I've had a bellyful of your whining. Be quiet!
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have had a bellyful

If you have had a bellyful of something, you have experienced too much of something annoying or boring. I've had a bellyful of his excuses. It's always someone else's fault.
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have a bellyful of

become impatient after prolonged experience of someone or something. informal
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have had a ˈbellyful of somebody/something

(informal) have had too much of somebody/something: I’ve had a bellyful of his complaining. If he doesn’t stop, I’m leaving.
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n. more than enough; more than one needs. I’ve had a bellyful of your excuses.
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