have a bellyful (of something)

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have a bellyful (of something)

1. To have as much (food) as one wants or is able to eat. A: "Would you like seconds?" B: "No, thank you, I've had a bellyful."
2. To have more (of something) than one can or is willing to tolerate or endure. You're looking for trouble, huh? Well mister, you're about to have a bellyful! I've had a bellyful of my parents' criticism over my college applications.
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have a bellyful

Inf. to have as much as one can stand. I've had a bellyful of your whining. Be quiet!
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have had a bellyful

If you have had a bellyful of something, you have experienced too much of something annoying or boring. I've had a bellyful of his excuses. It's always someone else's fault.
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have a bellyful of

become impatient after prolonged experience of someone or something. informal
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have had a ˈbellyful of somebody/something

(informal) have had too much of somebody/something: I’ve had a bellyful of his complaining. If he doesn’t stop, I’m leaving.
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References in classic literature ?
My landlord was likewise beginning his oration to Jones, but was presently interrupted by that generous youth, who shook him heartily by the hand, and assured him of entire forgiveness, saying, "If you are satisfied, my worthy friend, I promise you I am;" and indeed, in one sense, the landlord had the better reason to be satisfied; for he had received a bellyfull of drubbing, whereas Jones had scarce felt a single blow.
Kris had tum fun with fans KRIS BOYD had a bellyfull of laughs at the expense of the Hearts fans after helping Kilmarnock win at Murrayfield.
The tracks are "Rolie Polie Guacamole", "Always Brush Your Teeth", "Wake Up Shake Up", "Apples", "Bird Bellyfull", "The Mantis", "Acai", "Hello My Name Is", "Museum of Natural History", "Red Light Green Light", "Central Park", "Carpenter Paul", and "This Land Is Your Land".
When a hungry mosquito bites an infected person, it could get more than just a bellyfull of blood.
Rows and rows of seats remain empty, The Ricoh on matchdays never ever full, Only the hardcore bother to turn up now, Seems the stayaway fans have had a bellyfull.
They were licking their lips with joy as they got a bellyfull of their favourite food.
Or maybe he has just had a bellyfull of German journalists' humour...
Many of us have had a bellyfull of Westminister government on recent years and wish we weren'tlinked up with them.
"He has been spending some time in the paddock recently to try and freshen him back up but when he was out there eating for four hours a couple of days ago I did wonder if giving him a bellyfull of grass was the ideal preparation for Ascot!
Konterman had also had a bellyfull but asked God to help show him the way ahead.
After suffering at the bat and boot of the Aussies at Edgbaston and in Melbourne these past 48 hours, Brits everywhere have had just about a bellyfull of Down Under domination.
This was the first voluntary visit and 'blankets and cloathing (sic) were given them, and each had a bellyfull of fish' but it was Bennelong who 'sat down to dinner with Governor Phillip, and drank his wine and coffee as usual' (Willey 1979: 117)
Jack's had a bellyfull of Ronnie's moods but it's Michael who delivers the sucker punch.
Tom and Emily - both in double figures - signed up for an hour's class and were soon scaling the wall of death like spiderman with a bellyfull of fizzy pop.