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have a bellyful (of something)

1. To have as much (food) as one wants or is able to eat. A: "Would you like seconds?" B: "No, thank you, I've had a bellyful."
2. To have more (of something) than one can or is willing to tolerate or endure. You're looking for trouble, huh? Well mister, you're about to have a bellyful! I've had a bellyful of my parents' criticism over my college applications.
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have a bellyful

Inf. to have as much as one can stand. I've had a bellyful of your whining. Be quiet!
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have had a bellyful

If you have had a bellyful of something, you have experienced too much of something annoying or boring. I've had a bellyful of his excuses. It's always someone else's fault.
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have a bellyful of

become impatient after prolonged experience of someone or something. informal
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have had a ˈbellyful of somebody/something

(informal) have had too much of somebody/something: I’ve had a bellyful of his complaining. If he doesn’t stop, I’m leaving.
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n. more than enough; more than one needs. I’ve had a bellyful of your excuses.
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"The Art of Overeating: A Bellyful of Laughs About Our Food-Phobic Culture" seeks to lampoon the radical diets and responses against obesity, by playing humorous devil's advocate as Leslie Landis encourages readers that while health is a good thing, completely avoiding the food you love isn't healthy either.
It's a bellyful...for those planning on full-size bellies.
We've also had a bellyful of 'it's all my predecessor's fault'.
This time, however, his ranting about "a bellyful" was boring to say the least.
"Stuffing an object in your nose could cause breathing difficulties." And if the snake were to slide down Mano's esophagus--he'd have a dangerous bellyful!
Open unused army barracks to put low security category D offenders inside, not abandon all punishment and public protection criteria, as the naive and inept Lord Justice Woolf recommends We have all had a bellyful of the antics of the Prime Minister's wife fraternising with an inveterate cheap conman, hoping to achieve a property discount.
with his bellyful of hot posole singing Mis Chreesmes
Not even a bellyful of Brain's bitter could steady my nerves and it couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes before Eric was shaking my hand and saying "wew dun guvna!"
Melvin Van Peebles' "Bellyful" and Agnes Varda's "The Gleaners and I" are excellent examples; "Bostella" reps the nadir.
Other annoying jargon include "macho" and "heard a bellyful." This book would have benefited from a dose of editorial expression.
Using parody and travesty, Ehrenstein deconstructs the cliches of an antiquarian Graecophilism (he had his bellyful of this while doing time at a Vienna gymnasium [pp.
Perched atop the pine stump just off the curve of Duels Road, Renaldo swallowed a bellyful of breath to roar out over the din of the screaming school children, "THE BUS!
And having gorged at that particular table for the guts for 20 years, I have certainly had a bellyful!
"The environment is a fantastic thing when you have a bellyful of food, but when things like this happen, you realise how important food production is."
But I know from first hand last year, Carlow give you a bellyful of it.