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have a bellyful (of something)

1. To have as much (food) as one wants or is able to eat. A: "Would you like seconds?" B: "No, thank you, I've had a bellyful."
2. To have more (of something) than one can or is willing to tolerate or endure. You're looking for trouble, huh? Well mister, you're about to have a bellyful! I've had a bellyful of my parents' criticism over my college applications.
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have a bellyful

Inf. to have as much as one can stand. I've had a bellyful of your whining. Be quiet!
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have had a bellyful

If you have had a bellyful of something, you have experienced too much of something annoying or boring. I've had a bellyful of his excuses. It's always someone else's fault.
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have a bellyful of

become impatient after prolonged experience of someone or something. informal
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have had a ˈbellyful of somebody/something

(informal) have had too much of somebody/something: I’ve had a bellyful of his complaining. If he doesn’t stop, I’m leaving.


n. more than enough; more than one needs. I’ve had a bellyful of your excuses.
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with his bellyful of hot posole singing Mis Chreesmes
Now, suddenly, it was almost overhead, a grumbling slate gray behemoth gliding on a curtain of ram with a bellyful of lightning and a real bad attitude.
Not even a bellyful of Brain's bitter could steady my nerves and it couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes before Eric was shaking my hand and saying "wew dun guvna
Perched atop the pine stump just off the curve of Duels Road, Renaldo swallowed a bellyful of breath to roar out over the din of the screaming school children, "THE BUS
Her triumph in the Bushtucker trial meant campmates who felt they'd had a bellyful of the former minister got a belly full of grub instead.
We have also gone out of our way in these bleak economic times to keep prices down and ensure people can get a bellyful of laughs without breaking the bank.
In lab tests, swallowing a bellyful of certain bacteria protected bugs from the toxic chemical.
Roll the title on your tongue, it is quite a mouthful ( bellyful seems more apt, given the plot).
Buckley people have had a bellyful of being the dumping ground of Flintshire.
IF IT was good to see this award-winning chippy had a decent queue when I arrived, it also meant I'd had a bellyful before a pounds 1 cone of golden chips had even found its way into my eager hands.
Today's jump racing is far removed from the feast we were served last week, which is just as well because I've had a bellyful of fiercely competitive handicaps with 20-odd runners.
If a mosquito sucked up some of this blood, it would still get a bellyful of the gametes, but they would be unable to combine and spawn new adult parasites.
We'll have a bellyful of them before the Games even start.
They have taken a leaf out of the Spice Girl's power-packed book - and what they really, really want is the right to sink a bellyful of drinks.
Colin Moses, chairman of the Prison Officers' Association, said: "We have had a bellyful of broken promises and what we have here is another broken promise.