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1. verb To complain or gripe about someone or something. Of course Marjorie is bellyaching about how I left dishes out in the kitchen—she's not happy unless everything is perfectly put away.
2. noun Pain in one's stomach. I've had a bellyache all day, so I'm going to have to cancel our dinner plans.

quit (one's) bellyaching

To stop griping or complaining. Often said as an order. A: "But I don't like broccoli!" B: "Just quit your bellyaching and eat it!" If the kids don't quit their bellyaching soon, I'm going to turn this car around and take us right back home.
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stop bellyaching

Stop griping or complaining. A possessive adjective can be used between "stop" and "bellyaching." A: "But I don't like broccoli!" B: "Just stop bellyaching and eat it!" If the kids don't stop their bellyaching soon, I'm going to turn this car around and take us right back home.
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(ˈbɛli ek)
1. n. a stomachache. Oh, mama, do I have a bellyache!
2. in. to complain. You are always bellyaching!

Quit your bellyaching!

imperative Stop complaining! You’ve been bitching all day! Quit your bellyaching!
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Nothing will happen if we continue to complain and resort to bellyaching," Lacson told reporters.
Sydney, Aug 3 ( ANI ): Australian captain Michael Clarke has said that his side's response at the third Ashes Test from their heavy defeat at Lord's has shown character and has put the 'bellyaching laughter' at his team on hold for some time.
WORLD Cup egg is all over our faces but there's no point in bellyaching about it now.
THE coalition government has been in power for just nine weeks and already Labour die-hards are bellyaching as usual.
Neville says: "I got all the flak and bellyaching for something I had nothing to do with.
It's not a competition, so why all the bellyaching from the other contestants?
STILL can't believe all the bellyaching over who Rafael Benitez has brought into the club.
I hope there will be no bellyaching from Pond House about this as clearly they are banged to rights.
Time they either sewed up his stomach or better yet his mouth to stop him bellyaching about a self- inflicted habit.
But they have been told by a leading Redcar and Cleveland Cabinet member to "stop bellyaching".
And instead of bellyaching about the fact they won't be invited to the glitzy awards ceremony, the actors might like to reflect on the fact that maybe they just weren't good enough to be nominated.
Kissinger didn't take such an indulgent view of security lapses during his service in the Nixon administration, where his constant bellyaching about leaks was one of the main reasons the White House Plumbers were formed.
While the sections written by Doug and Andrew are charming (they lose our sympathy only when they opt for two wedding invitations, with one for conservative guests that excises the word wedding), the elder Merlings' bellyaching becomes quickly tedious.
The Ryder Cup is two months away - but the ballyhoo and bellyaching has begun.