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bellow like a (wounded) bull

cliché To yell or scream very loudly and aggressively. My father started bellowing like a wounded bull when I told him I had dropped out of college. For a woman of such small stature, she sure does bellow like a bull when she's angry!
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bellow out

1. To yell something. The security guard was bellowing out instructions to all the cars pulling into the parking lot.
2. To expel something. You can't see far into the distance with all of the smoke being bellowed out by the factories along the river.
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bellow something out

to cry something out loudly with great force. Don't just say it. Bellow it out! Bellow out your name so we know who you are!
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Along with our existing companies, BellowsTech and Servometer, the acquisition of Ameriflex increases MW's range of bellows products and technologies and will provide the most complete offering in the industry.'
* Metal detectable dust cups and bellows are made of silicone
It has now been hung alongside the on-loan Nude Girl, Miss Leslie Hall (1909) for the exhibition Bellows and the Body: The Real, the Ideal and the Nude, which opens this Friday.
In the first chapter Judie Newman brilliantly examines the shift of affections from Bellow's early embrace of Trotskyism to his later, longer-lasting commitment to neoconservatism.
Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Fulton makes complex precision bellows and thin-walled metal components utilised in mission critical gas and fluid control systems.
The bellow forms a flexible static seal that is leak-free, as long as the integrity of the bellows remains intact.
The bellows is extruded by Ireland's Radius Systems Ltd.
The painting represents a return to major purchases for the Barber Institute and director Nicola Kalinsky says it now becomes only the second UK public collection to own a work by Bellows.
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Parker Hannifin (Huntsville, AL) has introduced the FB Series Bellows Valves, a new product designed for instrumentation applications requiring higher temperatures and pressures in the power industry.
The exhibition titled 'Buzzing Bellows', has got Abid's unique style that compositions remain aesthetically appealing, glistening, intense, energetic and lively, that touches viewers deep inside and creates an unexplained attachment.