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bellow like a (wounded) bull

cliché To yell or scream very loudly and aggressively. My father started bellowing like a wounded bull when I told him I had dropped out of college. For a woman of such small stature, she sure does bellow like a bull when she's angry!
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bellow out

1. To yell something. The security guard was bellowing out instructions to all the cars pulling into the parking lot.
2. To expel something. You can't see far into the distance with all of the smoke being bellowed out by the factories along the river.
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bellow something out

to cry something out loudly with great force. Don't just say it. Bellow it out! Bellow out your name so we know who you are!
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bellow like a (wounded) bull, to

To scream in outrage. The simile is almost 2,500 years old, from the time of the Greek poet Aeschylus, who wrote, “He bellowed like a bull whose throat has just been cut.” Strictly speaking this cliché is a tautology, since to bellow means “to roar as a bull,” and has done so since the era of Middle English. Shakespeare wrote, “Jupiter became a bull and bellow’d” (The Winter’s Tale, 4.3).
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