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make a believer (out) of (one)

To convince or persuade one to believe or have faith in someone or something. I was really skeptical of his supposed breakthrough, but the demonstration he gave us made a believer of me. Their absolute dominance in the first game of the tournament made believers out of the entire city—now everyone is throwing their support behind the home team!
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true believer

One who passionately supports a cause or concept. My sister is a true believer in social equality, so she is out at the protest today.
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"According to Kabonokia believers, seeking doctor's services is putting one's trust in a human being instead of God," Mr James Mutegi, a former Kabonokia believer told the Nation.
Believers are expected to disassociate and distinguish themselves from those who sit and ridicule religion, through unwarranted discussions.
He also said believers would be reconciled with God through death, advising people to allow their total being in Jesus Christ.
Besides, a large number of believers will visit graveyards including women and children to make special prayers for the departed souls of their near and dear ones.
Jacek said their fellow believers in Russia were seeking political asylum abroad for the protection of their children, saying that the children, whose parents are JWs, are rounded up in educational and medical facilities because their religious organization is banned.
Chen said that the temple receives an average of more than 30 letters a week, and Yue Lao in the temple has successfully helped a few believers find their life partners, adding that some believers had written letters to the temple to thank the matchmaking god for helping them find their true love.
In his message on the beginning of holy month of Ramzan (1438 Hijri), the president hoped that the believers would be able to appease Allah Almighty during this month of blessings.
"Concern Believers" resoundingly blamed human activities for global warming, while 57 percent of the "Mixed Middle" felt the same way and none of the "Cool Skeptics" attributed humans to the planet's rising temperatures.
population that Gallup categorizes as "Concerned Believers" on climate change has consequently reached a new high of 50%.
Poltergeists are described by believers as troublesome spirits who haunt a particular person, rather than a location.
So How do you turn those sideliners into believers?
This means refusing to argue about religion and instead calling believers, religious leaders, and institutions to account.
"There are people in Macedonia who practice Islam other than traditional believers do, complying with another unfamiliar tradition of the Albanians', announced Tahiri.
observes that in introductory courses on the OT, "the goals are to read texts in their original historical contexts and to determine as closely as possible the author's original intention and how the original audience would have understood the text" (167); the issue that then arises is how the biblical text can be seen as having significance today, how it can speak "religiously" to believers today after such an analysis.