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be a firm believer in (something)

To have a strong conviction that something (stated after "in") is important or worthwhile. I'm a firm believer in resting on the weekends so that I don't get burned out.
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be a great believer in (something)

To have a strong conviction that something (stated after "in") is important or worthwhile. I'm a strong believer in resting on the weekends so that I don't get burned out.
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make a believer (out) of (one)

To convince or persuade one to believe or have faith in someone or something. I was really skeptical of his supposed breakthrough, but the demonstration he gave us made a believer of me. Their absolute dominance in the first game of the tournament made believers out of the entire city—now everyone is throwing their support behind the home team!
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true believer

One who passionately supports a cause or concept. My sister is a true believer in social equality, so she is out at the protest today.
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make a believer (out) of someone

to convince someone decisively about something. The game they played made a believer out of me; from now on, I'm betting on them. It was an interesting discussion, but it did not make a believer out of me.
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be a great/firm believer in something

believe strongly that something is good, important or valuable: My mother was a great believer in horoscopes all her life.The boss was a firm believer in developing strong teamwork.
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Believers are expected to disassociate and distinguish themselves from those who sit and ridicule religion, through unwarranted discussions.
Since no one, I repeat no one, takes everything in either book completely literally, no matter what they claim to do, what believers choose to use is their responsibility.
observes that in introductory courses on the OT, "the goals are to read texts in their original historical contexts and to determine as closely as possible the author's original intention and how the original audience would have understood the text" (167); the issue that then arises is how the biblical text can be seen as having significance today, how it can speak "religiously" to believers today after such an analysis.
The careful biblical interpretation in these essays should fruitfully engage readers from a variety of believers church groups.
This is the most difficult type of VTB to identify, and, at first, interviewers may misidentify them as another type, such as an opportunistic true believer. Investigators must remain wary of these individuals' manipulations to betray them.
Perhaps Wittgenstein considered this practice as "disgusting" because of the way in which the believer went about distributing Holy Communion to the soldiers.
Ecclesiologically, Clarke's theology of believer's baptism expressed not only church discipline, but also the voluntary nature of the visible church.
"I will continue to compete Believer and will try to qualify again for next year.
The scripture in the New Testament has instructions for the believer and hence the church.
The Old Believers appeared in the seventeenth century, in what was, for Russia, a new period of political centralization.
The church is the Body of Christ and brings persons and nations to faith and obedience as it proclaims the gospel effectively in every people and incorporates believers from every people into ongoing churches (1) In order to evangelize effectively, what strategies are needed?
Point #2: There is a direct link between the temporality of theological proclamation and the identity of the believer. If I am never finished or complete in my proclamation of God, I am never complete or stable in my identity as a believer.
Malton trainer John Quinn hopes to be double-handed with Fantasy Believer and Zomerlust in the William Hill Great St Wilfrid Stakes at Ripon on Saturday.
I'm a longtime believer in the subject of "peak oil" having watched production decline dramatically since the early 1990s (I have lived in the Arabian Peninsula since the late 1970s).