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Not to belabor the point: The Fed was wrong in its 1999 "excess demand" judgment.
Instead of there being a measurable uplifting, there has been a dramatic downgrading to achieve social equality, and the modern politicians who so lovingly belabor themselves to root out a practice have simply overreached themselves.
Nearly a hundred belabor the idea of "ArithmeTiks," crosses between arithmetic books and ticks; a hundred more are based on the term counter to mean a mathematics student.
But I don't want to belabor the bad news about female representation--both quantitative and qualitative--in contemporary movies.
We need not belabor the point on this compelling issue.
I don't have to interpret what the president says as the vice president is concerned let's not belabor the point," Roque said.
'Let us not belabor more on this issue because you will have your chance to say something about it when I explain all the grounds and allegations that you raised in a proper opinion that I am going to issue thereon,' De Castro further said.
It is important to articulate this practice of Christian love, especially its capacity to challenge and transform how we relate to others and ourselves, and how we understand God's call for discipleship and justice, but to belabor this idea throughout is not particularly useful for the overall development of the various ideas broached in the book.
(7.) To belabor Thompson, it is well to recall that he eschewed assimilating even the Welsh and Scottish experience to that of England, citing distinctions of religion, politics, and culture that required investigation.
The author does not belabor the point, but he provides accounts of slaveowner brutality (as well as instances in which slaves bullied their masters) that rival any that might have occurred on a Southern plantation.
There's no need here to belabor the "negatives," which have been rehearsed in these pages many times.
Now he is a tinpot pope in the Coca-Cola belt and a brother to the forlorn pastors who belabor half-wits in galvanized iron tabernacles behind the railroad yards."
It is not the intention here to belabor the reader with Colorado River woes.
And not to belabor the metaphor, but the harsher the winds of competition blow in this increasingly global, terrifyingly technological world, the more you might want the protection the real estate hat affords.
Rather than belabor the point, Hassan merely offers some examples that make the distinction clear: Gide is modern, Genet postmodern; O'Neill is modern, Sam Shepard postmodern.