be done for

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be done for

1. To be in jeopardy or doomed. If the boss finds out that I was the one who messed up that report, I'm done for! Now that mom knows about it, our scheme is done for.
2. To be about to break or stop working, as of a machine. The blender stopped working again this morning, so I really think it's done for.
3. To be certain that one is about to die. Leave me behind—I'm done for! There's no way I can survive this wound.
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be done for (something)

To be apprehended for some crime or wrongdoing. Primarily heard in UK. I know you want your stuff back, but you'll get done for stealing if someone catches you breaking into his flat!
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be done for

COMMON If someone or someone is done for, they are certain to fail or suffer a bad experience. As soon as the police find the emails, I'm done for. I knew my diet was done for when they put up a McDonalds right next to the dorm.
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be ˈdone for

(informal) be in serious trouble: The supplies are so low that we will be done for in a few days if help doesn’t come soon.I think the project is done for — the money’s almost gone and we’ve got no results after three years’ hard work.
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be/get ˈdone for something/for doing something

(British English, informal) be caught and punished for doing something illegal but not too serious: I got done for speeding on my way back home.
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