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Best, as too much emphasis is being placed on premium size in determining a sophisticated buyer.
By contrast, I know the temptation to abstract a person from his or her being.
As was stated before, while non-compliance of any one of the factors alone may not trigger a rating action, a significant deviation on any one and/or number of the factors would result in the ratings being downgraded.
I'm thankful for my sister being alive after all the operations she had, my friends, family, and my three pet rats, my dog, my guinea pig, and my two cats.
The former Pan Am employees are being represented in this matter by the law firm of Whitman & Ransom, 200 Park Ave.
NRG Media, LLC is focused on building a radio group that provides its markets with Great Local Radio and is committed to being an active and integral party of the communities it serves.
In addition, the ratings reflect NFS' moderate financial leverage, solid interest coverage and the franchise value associated with being a 63%-owned subsidiary of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, a market leader in the property/casualty industry.