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behoove (one) to (do something)

To be a beneficial action for one to take. It behooves him to give his boss two weeks' notice so that he maintains a good professional relationship with her. It would behoove you to call your mother before she hears about your pregnancy from someone else.
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behoove one to do something

Cliché [for someone] to be obliged to do something. It behooves you to apologize to her for how you insulted her. It behooves me to make up for all the help you have given me.
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It behooves every Kenyan to preserve the sanctity of the grounds not just for these noble reasons; the park is the most popular place in the CBD where members of the public retreat to enjoy the freshness of the 'city in the sun' and meditate upon the challenges of their daily struggles.
It behooves club owners, executives and managers to take responsibility for human capital risks, identify the nature of those risks, proactively respond and constantly send signals that they will not be the cause of any likely risk or club failure that is within their control."
"But John is passionate, John is convinced that this is a fatal flaw, and I think sometimes as legislators it behooves us to give people a vehicle to express their citizenship."
Having wrestled with difficulty after difficulty through the prolonged, painful period since the 1929 panic, it behooves every individual, every family, every organization, to resist quitting now that better days promise to dawn.
But like paying taxes, plodding through it is a painful experience that behooves you nonetheless.
"Whereas Harrington Memorial Hospital (in Southbridge) serves the region, it just behooves us to make an all-inclusive location," Lt.
Though the reader may not agree with Carlin's arguments, it greatly behooves open-minded thinkers of all faiths to contemplate them at length, and evaluate what personal values are embraced through voting for a specific candidate, and what it truly means to be a Democrat.
Therefore, it behooves a university leader to have a working definition that is inclusive and that addresses societal needs.
However, because the leadership of the Navy strongly supports a competency-based alignment, it behooves the civilian leadership to examine ways to implement one.
Poselenzny says the LEED system is becoming well entrenched and that it behooves subcontractors to be aware of the requirements if they bid to be involved on a LEED job site.
As psychiatrists, it behooves us to view this as a boundary issue, as we do with patients.
Finally, as to pro-bono obligations, the Enron scandal and other well-publicized accounting misfeasance or malfeasance have damaged the accounting profession's reputation in the public's eyes, which behooves CPAs to do what they can to restore the public's trust and admiration for the profession.
And since Mother Nature is not known for showing mercy on the unprepared, it behooves us to be ready for the unexpected overnight stay in the woods or true life-threatening situation.
AS PARENTS, EDUCATORS, AND CHURCH LEADERS, IT behooves us to consider carefully the messages we're giving our children about war and patriotism.