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a joy to behold

A thing, event, or experience that creates a profound sense of joy or elation in the spectator. The spring flowers in this part of the country are truly a joy to behold. The play was a joy to behold, full of beauty, warmth, and wit.
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a sight to behold

An especially impressive, noteworthy, or remarkable person, event, or thing; something or someone who is very much worth seeing. If you never go anywhere else in your life, make sure you see the Grand Canyon: it's a sight to behold. The new jazz singer is really a sight to behold. She's probably the best we've ever had at the club.
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lo and behold

A phrase used to indicate something surprising or unexpected. I'd been searching for my glasses all over the house when, lo and behold, they were on my head the whole time.
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Lo and behold!

Cliché Look here!; Thus! (An expression of surprise.) Lo and behold! There is Fred! He beat us here by taking a shortcut.
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marvel to behold

someone or something quite exciting or wonderful to see. Our new high-definition television is a marvel to behold. Mary's lovely new baby is a marvel to behold.
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ˌlo and beˈhold

(humorous) used when telling a story to introduce somebody’s unexpected appearance: I walked into the restaurant and, lo and behold, there was my boss with his wife.The phrase uses old words that tell you to look at something. It means ‘look and see’.
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Beholding is a higher faculty than the intellect or imagination or intuition, but one we have not been taught to cultivate.
There Is Only You Beholding You: A Spiritual Journey of Never Ending Invitations" is a guide for readers to find themselves, with help from or in spite of religious or societal standards.
The same division of time can be applied to the actual beholding of works of art, the division of literature into chapters, the separation of plays into acts, as well as the lyric categorization of poetry.
What Monet saw when he gazed on his water lilies, God must see when beholding creation.
For this beloved disciple, the call to "behold your mother" seems to leave him beholding only the words of the synoptic Jesus.
Thankfully, even such a sophisticated lesson goes down easily amid such inspired silliness as a party for superheroes and Scott's nerdy friend who, upon beholding Warrior Woman's ultra-sleek, crime-busting motorcycle, laments, ``Aw, geez, my mom drives a hatchback.
His strategy is threefold: he studies paintings with a remarkable eye for the defining details, arguing, for example, that pictorial "facing" (the most striking and intense relationship of beholding, often associated with portraiture) is to Manet what flatness is to Impressionists; he discerns evidence of sensitivity to such details through an exhaustive reading of nineteenth-century art reviews, word by word; and he also reconstructs Manet's generational identity.