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I was not beholden to them for anything, and when I slipped out there was not one of them to drop me a line and say, 'How are you, old man?
I have never been beholden to them Hindi ako tatanggap ng campaign contributions (kay Henry Sy).
We can't have the rich and the large corporations being able to give money so the politicians appear to be beholden to them.
Unfortunately, the excessive market power of the largest cable companies, programmers that are beholden to them, and broadcasters with retransmission consent rights have distorted the programming market and allowed the largest programmers to dictate terms and conditions that are thwarting consumers' desires.
Smith's rivals in the 12th District race accused him of relying on money from developers and other special interests, saying Councilman Hal Bernson's long-time chief of staff will be beholden to them if he wins.
LaBonge responded by saying he was proud of his supporters but not beholden to them.