behind the curve

behind the curve

Not up to date or current in some area. Often said of politicians. Can you believe he made that sexist remark about women in the workplace? Wow, he's really behind the curve!
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behind (or ahead of) the curve

behind (or in advance of) the current trend.
The expression is probably based on the notion of the curve of a graph.
2005 Stylus Magazine Everyone knows the cultural stereotype – the Japanese are hopelessly, adorably behind the curve when it comes to Western music styles.
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ahead of/behind the ˈcurve

(especially American English, business) in advance of or behind a particular trend: Our expert advice will help you stay ahead of the curve.We’ve fallen behind the curve when it comes to using the Internet.
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According to Hector Flores, medical director for Family Care Specialists Medical Group in Montebello, "This program represents a significant value to doctors -- who are often behind the curve in technology solutions and encumbered by seemingly endless paperwork -- and to patients who will reap the benefits of a physician who has taken the opportunity to enhance their practice through state-of-the-art technology.
Having broadband and the network makes software a service, the media and analysts are just behind the curve on the technical reality of software today.
another reason Frank thinks today's estimates are behind the curve is that Wall Street is still trying to catch up to the recovering economy.
While many attorneys choose not to get involved in a criminal case until the defendant has been formally charged, CDA believes this concept places the defense way behind the curve.
Given a higher inflation rate, I believe we will be behind the curve if they don't raise rates next month.
Williams said the Fed needs to get monetary policy back to normal and he doesn't view the Fed as ahead of or behind the curve, but well-positioned to keep the economy on a sustainable path.
1] So, if we were to decide policy on the basis of past outcomes, we would always be behind the curve.
We can either be on the curve or behind the curve here.
The initial period we think he's behind the curve fitness wise.
In support of the letter in the February 1 News for the modernizing of Florida law from Frye to Daubert, and the suggestion that Florida additionally follow the rest of the country in a modernization of its motion practice, let us now also consider how far behind the curve the State of Florida presently is when it comes to the death penalty.
On his part, Arab Inter-parliamentary Union's secretary general Fayez Al-Shawaika said that Arab parliaments were lagging behind the curve of technology and that it was high time they used it for more effective chores.
I prefer the USD to outperform on a Fed that is behind the curve,' Hardy added, commenting on the trend for 2016.