behind back

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behind (one's) back

In one's absence. The phrase typically suggests wrongdoing or deceit. I can't believe you were gossiping about me behind my back! Tom will be upset that we already made the decision behind his back.
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behind someone's back

without someone's knowledge; secret from someone. Please don't talk about me behind my back. She sold the car behind his back, while he was away on vacation.
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behind (one's) back

In one's absence or without one's knowledge.
See also: back, behind
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The pivotal moment came when DKs' centre Jordan Brookes threw the ball behind back row player Matt Squires when he had the line at his mercy.
They do the touches like hand behind back while pouring wine, but you can still have a laugh and giggle with them.
A shot behind back are India's Shamim Khan and Shiv Kapur in the fourth place.
The managers who get behind Back to the Shop Floor are supporting the vital work of Marie Curie nurses.
Philip Hobbs's charge is the 5-2 second favourite with Ladbrokes after finishing a respectable fourth behind Back In Front in the Bula Hurdle last time.
I promise this will be my last recollection of the Carling Cup Final (fingers crossed behind back.
Taaffe's charge lined up at last year's Cheltenham Festival and ran a fine race to be second in the Supreme Novices' Hurdle behind Back In Front.
Drop left hand behind back and rest it on lower back or right hip.
The XIFIN white paper is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand the cost drivers behind back office costs and how to utilize technological advances to optimize operational and financial performance.
Despite his team's desperate radio warning, Hamilton insisted: "My brakes got a bit warm behind back markers.
The ground was surely to blame when he disappointed at 10-11 at Salisbury next time, as he left that behind back on a quicker surface at Ascot in September when third of 17 after leading inside the final furlong (finished a length behind Telescope, who is currently as short as 9-2 for the Derby).
There was nowhere to move to but his attitude was to physically push the people behind back - not sensible.
The character reinforces the key points behind Back to Pool, which include the freedom and fun of summer, energy, play time, action, and most importantly a love of the water.
On toes or knees, and with hands behind the head or behind back, slowly roll down the ball.
It was the great thing and the great problem of English rugby - being behind Back, Hill and Dallaglio for so many years.