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beguile (someone) into (doing something)

To entice someone to do what one wants through some form of cunning, trickery, or charm. Oh, I am going to that gala, even if I have to beguile one of my co-workers into taking me. I can't believe that salesman beguiled us into buying such an overpriced appliance.
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beguile (someone) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man beguiled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
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beguile (someone) with (something)

To captivate someone with something. Peter beguiled the audience with the exciting tales of his world travels.
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beguile the time

To spend time in an enjoyable manner or activity. Let us retire to the garden and beguile the time among the beautiful blooms. We beguiled the time chatting and listening to old records.
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beguile someone into something

to charm someone into doing something. You can't beguile me into stealing for you! I beguiled Tom into driving me to the airport.
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beguile someone out of something

1. to charm someone out of doing something. I will try to beguile them out of doing it. He beguiled her out of leaving.
2. to charm something away from someone. She's trying to beguile the old man out of a substantial amount of his money. Max beguiled the old lady out of her rings.
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beguile someone with something

to charm or fascinate someone with something. She beguiled her date with tales of her luxurious lifestyle. He spent the evening beguiling her with stories of the Old West.
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Singer Frazey Ford's beguiling voice sounds like butter melting on toast - a wholesome, rustic toast, packed with layers of musical goodies that satisfy any music fan with an appetite for the real deal.
But at its best, Wales is the most beguiling part of the British Isles.'
Beguiling locations, from the Washington coast to the ranch land of the B.C.
In "It's the Way You Are," a beguiling, radio-ripe effort on Curtis's latest CD, Dreaming in Romance Languages, the Saco, Maine-bred singer-guitarist admits, "You are everything I could never be," a gushing, blushing compliment that could be voiced by virtually anyone in love.
He writes that the experience diffused his longtime anger at his brother, whom he realized had been seduced by a beautiful and beguiling country.
Finding a way that is beguiling and amusing and memorable enough to make people reflect on the message is more tricky.'
has written 'The Beguiling Spirits' which recounts his ten-year spiritual battle to extricate himself from the grip of a cult-like church.
With beguiling grace, Zinn subtly dissects the burden of segregation and the movement to dismantle it.
396) Imperial Leather does much to fill out that space and to break us out of the beguiling spell of a present-bound, "post"-obsessed gaze.
The beguiling ways in which patrician Italians paid homage to their ancestors by memorializing their dynasty's political ontology on their walls and ceilings is the theme of Julian Kliemann's analysis of painted programs from 1450-1650.
They are, of course, husband and wife and that closeness shows in the seamless harmonies they lend a to beguiling blend of self-penned Scottish folk music and Americana.
Jonathan Wilkes and Natalie Casey are beguiling leads, and are well supported by a talented and energetic company.
It is, however, a beguiling debut from director Alicia Scherson.
Liang showed two beguiling duets, both with nicely slippery musicality.
Wales is the most beguiling corner of a cynical and disunited Britain, according to one of the most popular sources of travel information.