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beguile (someone) into (doing something)

To entice someone to do what one wants through some form of cunning, trickery, or charm. Oh, I am going to that gala, even if I have to beguile one of my co-workers into taking me. I can't believe that salesman beguiled us into buying such an overpriced appliance.
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beguile (someone) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man beguiled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
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beguile (someone) with (something)

To captivate someone with something. Peter beguiled the audience with the exciting tales of his world travels.
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beguile the time

To spend time in an enjoyable manner or activity. Let us retire to the garden and beguile the time among the beautiful blooms. We beguiled the time chatting and listening to old records.
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beguile someone into something

to charm someone into doing something. You can't beguile me into stealing for you! I beguiled Tom into driving me to the airport.
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beguile someone out of something

1. to charm someone out of doing something. I will try to beguile them out of doing it. He beguiled her out of leaving.
2. to charm something away from someone. She's trying to beguile the old man out of a substantial amount of his money. Max beguiled the old lady out of her rings.
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beguile someone with something

to charm or fascinate someone with something. She beguiled her date with tales of her luxurious lifestyle. He spent the evening beguiling her with stories of the Old West.
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It lies partially secreted, and the images of "beguilement," "rumour" and the disappearing land point to a condition of secrecy.
Even the Act II divertissements don't stray from home, as they concern ornaments from the Christmas tree, or, with special beguilement, a sleepwalking episode that Isberg cleverly sets on the Arabian music, or three mice in red pointe shoes delicately competing to the music of the Marzipan Shepherdesses.
She is afraid--she reiterates this fact with incredible verbal variety; she screams and shudders in quite a fascinating way albeit expressive of deadly terror; reassured in some degree by the persuasive eloquence of the useful beau she places one delicate little boot on the rough bark for a moment, then draws it back and vows she can never never cross; she clings to the suffering beau's tightly-gloved hands in the most nipping way--but these little blandishments are not for the beguilement of the useful beau; she regards the useful beau no more than a stock or stone; they are practiced because Mr [no period after the abbreviation] Upish with his scornful nez Grec and blond whiskers is watching the proceeding from the opposite bank.
The introduction suggests Jamesian possibilities of stylistic beguilement in store, raising questions of 'shades' of meaning and images of the 'late' James of the Prefaces haunting his own house of fiction as a tenderly revisiting ghost.
Francis dedicate early chapters to fantasies about Francis' assumed beguilement with a beauteous Clare of 15, reminding me of Grimm's fairy tales.
It contrasts with the "square" and other-directed mentality of beguilement by social convention, unaware of the relativity of right and wrong, of the mutual necessity of capitalism and communism to each other's existence, of the inner identity of puritanism and lechery, or of, say, the alliance of church lobbies and organized crime to maintain the laws against gambling.
Social science praxis - a politically informed fusion of theory and practice - carries a potential to free our professional findings from being a source of another's beguilement. In doing so, it may also dampen the spirits of those who would fancy to resurrect the peculiarly resistant race-IQ strain of what Montagu long ago exposed as humanity's most dangerous myth.
The former, a (roughly) north-easterly coastal village, manages a kind of workaday beguilement without a twitch of strain.
They know that their mission would never be attained on the basis of beguilement. People have to pull together as a team.
They have come to the moment of truth that Nigerians have seen through their lies, propaganda, false promises, beguilement, and holier-than-thou posturing and are now poised to take back their country at the polls.
"[The inspectors] were addressed by former news editor Hassan Badie who exercised trickery and beguilement," the statement read, adding that Badie told the inspectors that the strike was a "malicious conspiracy" woven by the Muslim Brotherhood against the newspaper.
(133) Columella bears excellent testimony to this semantic strain: the pantom ime's action of deceiving (decipere) the eyes of the spectators connotes aesthetic beguilement just as strongly as it encodes the deprecatory resonance of decipere as "cheating" and "swindling" (Columella, Rust.
Do one's political predilections -- or beguilement by the intellectual fashions of the moment -- inevitably preclude a reasonably objective set of answers to these questions?
Lucretius' poetry captures the dual aspect of Venus, maternal and seductive, harnessing the power of beauty and beguilement to administer a healing wisdom.
Spokesman of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Kola Ologbodiyan, asserted in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday that the revelation did not come to many Nigerians as a surprise and has further vindicated the PDP's position that the Muhammadu Buhari Presidency is inherently corrupt and thrives on concealments, deception, beguilement, propaganda and lies.