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There's a need to understand why children beg. Begging is not just about a lack of food or shelter.
And nearly all street children who beg stated that they would like to be provided with affordable housing.
people who practice begging "for fun"-those who have the ability to work though prefer to beg because it is an easier way to get money; 2.
Most children who beg come from bi-parental families with a higher number of members (from 3 to 16 persons).
Under the law "trafficked person obliged to beg is entitled and receives the same forms of assistance as all victims of trafficking.
Therefore it is punished by law any person who causes a minor or an adult with physical or mental disabilities to beg or facilitates begging throughout the two vulnerable groups.
Pensions and dole money should rise with inflation - that would stop us having to beg.
In the classrooms, teachers beg schoolchildren for their "luxury foods" such as apples which they cannot afford on a teacher's salary.
Our leaders go abroad to beg for "aid" to support the national budget or else they can't run our countries.
We would rather beg foreign investors to come and do it for us, on their own terms!
"People who beg are among the most vulnerable people in our society.
"Begging is a sign of much deeper-rooted problems - most people who beg are or have been rough sleepers and may have mental health or addiction problems.
Informed by the nature, extent and causes of begging and the interests, values and views of people who beg, it discusses a range of legal and public policy initiatives, both domestic and international, designed to respond to begging.
I Introduction II The Problem of Begging A The Public Interest and Value in Responding to Begging within a Human Rights Framework III Understanding the Nature, Extent and Causes of Begging A Literature Survey B Primary Research C Demographic Profile of People who Beg D Why and How do People Beg?
It examines the demographic profile of people who beg, the reasons for which people beg and the ways in which people beg.