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Awe towards God is not the beginning of wisdom, but a sign of wisdom acquired.
In all these places, we have made progress by beginning to adapt the human network to the natural network.
For tax years beginning in 2006, the new law provides the following exemptions:
A single sales factor apportionment formula is being phased in over an eight-year period, beginning in 2007.
Geology and Wine--Ten articles have been published in this series, beginning in 1999 (v.
As a result of my comparing the self-assessments and DIBELS, I am beginning to view their research differently.
ATA Airlines says it is launching daily direct service beginning April 3 2005 between Indianapolis and Kahului, Maui.
The RFID train is beginning to leave the station,' he said last week during a conference on video surveillance held at Georgetown University Law Center.
An assignment that reads, "Learn the a, a1, a2 and a3 phrases in the B section this week," causes the student to start and stop the practice during musically meaningful places, rather than play through the piece haphazardly from beginning to end.
In "1964: The Beginning of a Beginning," Harcourt identifies the cultural and political implications of the start, however accidental and clandestine it may have been (given both films were intended to be documentaries), of something vitally important to a still very young Canadian cinematic culture: the possibilities of creating relevant, recognizably Canadian fiction feature films.
Under the relevant tax law, the tax consequences of a leasing transaction depend on whether the property to be leased is reasonably expected to have a residual value of 15 percent of its value at the beginning of the lease.
It's the seniors who have all the money and are now beginning to lead Japanese consumption.
Every word you hear comes from the people represented on stage," a voice announces at the beginning.
Although the group is not yet at the high performing stage, some of the bugs are beginning to be worked out within the group, and good things are beginning to happen.
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