begin with

begin with (someone or something)

To start with someone or something; to have someone or something be the first in a series. Let's begin with stretching and then we'll move on to cardio. You'll all have time to share about your summer vacations, but Caroline, we'll begin with you.
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begin with someone or something

to start off a sequence with someone or something. Let's have dinner begin with a nice clear soup. I will begin with Liz and take Frank next.
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There are basically 10 enjoyable steps that begin with a wellness exercise and progress through percussion, improvisation and a number of fun-filled group activities.
It required the use of spiritual principles described in hymns with lyrics like, "Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me," and the prayer of St.
It began with a process: Before any discussions begin with the hospital, it is important to have first established contact with hospital management and develop a relationship with them.
Second, these examples begin with the AGI as reported by R and not with taxable income.
Safety is designed into the equipment to begin with. Where necessary, special safety equipment is within easy grasp of all machines.
To utilize the circle of fifths, begin with the key of C major.