begin by doing

begin by doing something

to start out by doing something first. We will begin by painting the house. She began by opening the door.
See also: begin
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Begin by doing a walk/run, then push out the distance of your runs until you can make the whole distance.
We can begin by doing small things at the local level, like planting community gardens or looking out for our neighbors.
Begin by doing web searches, visit social media platforms, read reviews, industry magazines and articles about the companies in this industry.
And so the good people of the North East should begin by doing their bit for the local music scene by supporting Peculiar Disco Moves at their single launch show at The Mining Institute on Friday, November 22.
We believe communities should begin by doing what's necessary and then expand to do what's possible.
Begin by doing the best you can, knowing it may not be perfect at first.
You can begin by doing the school run yourself and taking back responsibility for your own cooking and cleaning.
Every entrepreneur should begin by doing an Internet search to see if anyone else is already using the business name.
Most incoming students--some of whom had never studied anthropology before--were expected to begin by doing the Diploma in Social Anthropology, a year-long introduction to social anthropology based on lectures and tutorials and culminating in several days of examinations in the spring.
I think in the first year I struggled a bit with this, but by the second year I realised that I needed to begin by doing a week just trying to bring everyone up to a similar level and that was easier.
Tax reform could begin by doing away with the tax write-offs that have poor taxpayers paying for second homes for the wealthy and health care for public employees and elected officials (while they do without).
When most entrepreneurs start a business they begin by doing something that seems rash, like leaving a secure job or moving to a growing market.
A business will often begin by doing work for the Bank; its representatives then travel to developing countries and establish a network of contacts," says Francois Page.