beg of

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beg of

To plead with someone for something. This phrase often suggests a certain intensity or desperation from the speaker. A noun or pronoun can be used between "beg" and "of." Oh, please come with me tonight, I beg of you. I can't possibly go alone. Can I beg a few dollars of you? I forgot my wallet at home today.
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beg something of someone

to request earnestly that someone do something or grant something. Please help me. I beg it of you. She begged a favor of Max.
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beg of someone

to request earnestly of someone. (Usually added to a request.) Please help me. I beg of you. I beg of you to help me.
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Part IV discusses the interests, values and views on begging of those who beg.
Recognising that, generally speaking, begging is a necessary income supplementation activity, respondents were asked what they would do to survive if there was a major 'crackdown' on begging of the police adopted a 'zero tolerance' enforcement approach to beggars.
Other researchers are looking at a variety of ways in which one chick influences the begging of its siblings.
theft (7 days) with a maximum sentence for begging of three years forced labor.(111) A judge writing in the May 4, 1885 issue of Gerichtshalle viewed the increased attention given the vagrancy question as an aspect of the country's "torturous" transition from a police to a rule of law state.