beg of

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beg of

To plead with someone for something. This phrase often suggests a certain intensity or desperation from the speaker. A noun or pronoun can be used between "beg" and "of." Oh, please come with me tonight, I beg of you. I can't possibly go alone. Can I beg a few dollars of you? I forgot my wallet at home today.
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beg something of someone

to request earnestly that someone do something or grant something. Please help me. I beg it of you. She begged a favor of Max.
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beg of someone

to request earnestly of someone. (Usually added to a request.) Please help me. I beg of you. I beg of you to help me.
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References in classic literature ?
Get out, into the open part of the court, {145} or I will give you Egypt and Cyprus over again for your insolence and importunity; you have begged of all the others, and they have given you lavishly, for they have abundance round them, and it is easy to be free with other people's property when there is plenty of it."
In less than a half hour, at least twenty people passed and Pinocchio begged of each one, but they all answered: