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And what about the former Taoiseach who begged for cash from rich businessmen while he lived in luxury in a Georgian mansion?
A Cantonese published an article in 1920 in the journal of a Cantonese native place association in Shanghai, attacking his fellow provincials who begged on Shanghai's streets in order to earn a "living without working.
For instance, the Cantonese mendicants begged mainly in North Sichuan Road and Wuchang Road in Hongkou (which had the largest Cantonese community in Shanghai), and the Cantonese were a relatively rich group in the city.
In a similar case also in Saudi Arabia, a man begged for five months as a woman before his disguise was uncovered.
The woman known as MR, boldly stood in front of the general industrial area police station and begged for money.
The court heard Hunter, who used the cash to feed his drug and alcohol addictions, told police he begged up to seven days a week in Yeovil, Somerset.
In a similar case in the Saudi kingdom, a man begged for five months as a woman before his disguise was uncovered.
claimed that he begged in a souq but did not know its name or address.
I used the money that I begged to buy food and beverages.
A WOMAN who begged to get money to buy medicine for her sick child was fined EUR10 yesterday.
At the busy Newland's Cross on the Naas Road in west Dublin, another Romanian woman begged from motorists at the traffic lights.
Barbu begged on the Underground with her young child after travelling up to London from Dover, the court heard.