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She carried one and she also hired another woman to carry another child as they begged. She was the organiser of all of this,' Kim An said.
Some public school teachers have begged off from serving in the May 14 village and youth council elections.
Another refugee, a white-bearded man, Wazir Gul, told Pajhwok Afghan News he begged from morning to noon in Khost City and then sat at the gate of the main mosque to beg worshippers.
claimed that he begged in a souq but did not know its name or address.
The woman known as MR, boldly stood in front of the general industrial area police station and begged for money.
But then again can you name a political party that has not begged outside a church?
People engaged in begging themselves also recognised begging to be a 'problem': 'Begging up money is very embarrassing but I've got to live too,' said Kenny, a 32-year-old homeless man who had often begged. (16) Brian, another homeless man, similarly stated that '[i]f you're living on the street, you don't have an address, so you can't get on the dole, and so basically that's the only way to get money'.
Chicks begged more often and more intensively when they were the only offspring, but the solo begging was far less effective.
She and her colleagues fed chicks only when they begged at a certain instensity, and the nestling house sparrows needed only a few hours to find the begging levels that got them the most goodies.